2008 Orlando VW Show-N-Shine Winners!!

Class 1- Vintage- 1st-Henry Rodriguez’56 Beetle; 2nd-Richard Rodriguez 57 Beetle;3rd-Carlos Martinez, 55 Beetle

Class 2- 58-67 Stock-1st- Tracy Gill (CFVWC Member)67 Beetle; 2nd- Mark Dirga 67 Beetle

Class 3- 58-67 Semi Custom- 1st Derrick Thomas 63 Beetle; 2nd- Damon and Patty Walker (CFVWC Members) 64

Beetle; 3rd- Yadira E Jimenez 67 Beetle

Class 4 Full Custom- 1st Matthew Gentry, 57 Beetle

Class 5 68-79 Stock: 1st- Julio Preciado, 74 Beetle; 2nd –Will Euverard 73 Beetle (CFVWC Member)

Class 6 68-79 Semi Custom: 1st- Ted Hart 68 Beetle (CFVWC Member); 2nd- Pedro Vargas, 73Beetle, 3rd- Juslyn

Sharplis, 69 Beetle

Class 7 68-79 Full Custom 1st Matthew Lundquist 68 Beetle

Class 8 Super Beetle, Stock- 1st Dave Middleton 73 Super Beetle (CFVWC Member)

Class 10 Convertible Stock 3rd- Greg Cancel 61 Beetle; 2nd- Kathy Reilly 72 Beetle; 1st MaryClegg 75 Beetle

Class 11 Super Beetle Custom- 1st- Bob and Carol Norwood 71 Super Beetle

Class 12 Karman Ghia Stock 2nd-Bob Leas 68 Coupe; 1st-Jose and Mildred Molina 71 Coupe

Class 13 Karman Ghia Convertibles 2nd Dan Rivadeniera 74 Convertible( CFVWC Member); 1st Claude Kashnig 64


Class 14 Type II Stock, Pre ’68 1st-Michael Gendreau 65 Type II

Class 15 Type II Custom Pre 68 3rd-Tom Sherban 65 Single Cab; 2nd- Chris Hammerling 66 Bus; Allan Wood 65

Panel Truck

Class 16 Type II Stock 68 Later 1st-Linda Nelson 77 Bus

Class 17 Type II Custom 68 Later 2nd- Robert Thompson 74 Bus; 1st- Gus Chennells 75 Bus

(CFVWC Member)

Class 19 Type III and IV All Years- 2nd- Jon Goodrich 65 Squareback Type III; 1st-Kevin Mello- 68 Square Back

Class 21 Water Cooled Stock 2nd - Randall Chidester 16v Scirocco; 1st – Yaw Jumah 83 Rabbit Pick-up

Class 22 Water Cooled Custom A1 and A2 3rd- Joel Costello, 87 Golf; 2nd-Ryan Grether 85 GTi Golf; 1st- Carl

Maxwell 86 Scirocco

Class 24 Water Cooled Custom A3- 1st Joaquin Puello , 98 Jetta

Class 25 Water Cooled Stock A4/A5 99 Later 1st- Michael Forsberg 2003 GTi

Class 26 Water Cooled Custom A4/A5/ ’99 Later 1st - Eric Cobian 2000 Jetta (CFVWC Member)

Class 28 New Beetle, Stock 2nd- Lyle Beck 04 New Beetle Convertible; 1st-Suzanne Sherban 06 New Beetle


Class 29 New Beetle Custom 3rd Francisco Collazo -00 New Beetle; 2nd- Brian Mathews 01

Beetle; 1st- Judy & Wayne Newkirk, 05 Beetle

Class 32 Rails-All Years 1st-Robert Walker 71 Rail

Class 34 Dune Buggy-All Years 1st Manny Mendoza 73 Dune Buggy

Class 35 Kit Cars 3rd- Ray Golowach 75 HumVW (CFVWC Member); 2nd-Felix Santana,Jr. 78

Scorpion GT; 1st- Connie Walker 99 HumBug

Class 36 Radical 2nd-Doyle and Kay Blake 72 Super Beetle (CFVWC Member); 1st- Ron Hubbert

65 Beetle Race Car This car was only one of three that received a perfect 100 score!

Class 37 Under Construction 3rd Judy Comeau 65 Convertible; 2nd- Jose Nieves, 62 Convertible;1st- Walter Levy 72


Class 38 Campers 1st-Ruben Montano 69 Type II Westphalia

Best Of Show Categories- Five trophies. One from the Central Florida VW Club and four Special Awards from Aristrocrat VW These beautiful highly polished “VW” Emblems are made by hand by Members of the Aristocrat Team. It is a very high honor to receive one of the four awarded. These trophies are reserved for the very best cars across the entire range of show participants.

The 2008 Winners are:

Central Florida Volkswagen Club Best of Show: Roberto Rodriguez with his Beige, 1957 Beetle

Aristocrat VW:

3rd Runner Up: Samuel Indarawis (CFVWC Member) with his Orange 1977 VW Rabbit;

2nd Runner Up: Wendy Martinez with her 1966 White Beetle Convertible;

1st Runner Up: Ken Porter with his 1979 Green and Beige Type II Bus;

The Best of Show:
Martin Nielsen with his 1960 White Custom Type II Bus.

Congratulations to all who participated in the show. We had some tight Classes where the judges really had to tweak it in to find the best in the Class. We look forward to next year’s show and seeing everyone again!