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December Meeting will be at the Willow Tree Café in Sanford on the 9th.

December Meeting will be at the Willow Tree Café in Sanford on the 9th.(see Newsletter...)

She's Aloft!! Debbie & Rich VanTruen's "Twister "Plane in the air!!


This morning (7/7/2017) circa 9am Twister N600ZF lifted off from Dunn Airpark, Titusville. Test pilot took her up, around the pattern, made a nice landing and debriefed us.


Needless to say the happiest day of the decade for us, and a great relief.


Photos-A: Liftoff; B: Landing; C: Rollout (note popped oil door, missing tail light lens); D: Test Pilot reassuring proud "parents."


If test pilot has time we might get another flight in after correcting minor issues, but probably Wed. we have to pack her in the trailer so we can head to Oshkosh, starting Saturday morning. After 5 1/2 years it works out Debbie won't get to fly her until August.


Wish we could sleep for about a week now, but much to do before shipping out.


Thanks to all who helped and supported us through the challenge.


Rich & Debbie Van Truen


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